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Zac's Dallas Mavericks Wish


“ I don't think I've ever seen Zac smile quite so big... ”

- Todd, Zac's Dad

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Zac’s Wish is a Display of Teamwork

ZacZac’s pains seemed easy enough to explain—he’s an athlete and it was likely another bruise or pulled muscle.  When the doctor told Zac and his parents it was lymphoma, life changed. One of the biggest changes was Zac wouldn’t be able to play the sports he loved so much.  Treatments left Zac tired and lethargic and although he couldn’t play football or basketball, he continued to be a fan. 

When asked for his wish, Zac wanted to meet Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks showing his competitive spirit was intact even while he fought his illness.        

This wish inspired a community to come together and support Zac.  When Dan Crockett, President and CEO of Franklin American Mortgage heard about Zac and his wish, they wanted to get involved. Franklin American Mortgage’s commitment to community and local sporting events gave the company the perfect platform to announce their sponsorship of Zac’s wish—the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl.

“Our company extends beyond just the walls of our offices,” Dan Crockett said. “We strongly believe in giving back to the communities we serve and are honored to work with a first class organization like Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee. Zac Anderson exemplifies the word courageous and we were thrilled to have him as our honorary captain during Bowl Week.”

ZacZac traveled to Dallas to see the Mavs take on the Utah Jazz.  The trip was a Maverick’s VIP experience including a meeting with the Mavericks dancers and front row, courtside seats for the Mavs win.    After the game, Zac and his family were escorted to a side room just outside of the Mavs locker room.  The Mavs rep gave Zac a ball for autographs.  Dirk was the first player to come out and brought his game shoes with him to meet Zac.  Dirk gifted his (sweaty) shoes to Zac, signed both and then they chatted for a bit.  As the players showered and were leaving the locker room, each trickled in to say hi to Zac and to sign his basketball.  Shawn Marion also gifted Zac with his game shoes so Zac walked away with 2 pair of shoes (size 16 and size 14). 

After all of the players had met Zac, the Mavs rep took the family on a tour of the locker room—where they got to see where they relax in recliners, relieve stress by playing pool, work out with weights and also their training (rehab) facilities.  After the fabulous tour, the family was taken to the Mavs practice court where Zac,his brother Hunter and their dad shot hoops.   

“After the game when Zac got to meet Dirk Nowitzki and Dirk handed him his size 16, still sweaty, game shoes and autographed them for him, I don't think I've ever seen Zac smile quite so big.  I was really good for Zac and he loved every minute of it as we all did,” said Todd Anderson, Zac’s dad. 

Zac is winning his fight against lymphoma.  He has a team of wish granters, sponsors, and athletes on his side. 

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