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Ansley's trip to Mickey's Castle

Ansley Jay Kevin

“ Thank you for letting me dress up like a princess and go to Mickey’s Castle ”

- Wish Child, Ansley

  • Ansley , 3

    • pleuropulmonary blastoma
    • to go to Disney World to see Mickey's Castle
  • Wish To Go
  • to go , disney

ansley playing guitar

When she's not dressing up like a ballerina or princess, 4-year-old Ansley enjoys reading books, dancing (especially ballet) and listening to music.  Diagnosed with a pleuropulmonary blastoma (a type of cancer) when she was just 2 1/2, Ansley had just turned 3 when she expressed her desire to visit "Mickey's Castle".  Ansley's wish came true last September when her family traveled to Disney World, visiting the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.  Ansley got to have dinner with her fellow princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table and even danced with the cast of The Lion King.  Ansley and her mom, Amy, say the trip was magical.  "It becomes even more magical when you share it and see it through the eyes of your child," says Amy.  Read a special note from her parents as well.

Click Here to see a video of Ansley as the 2012 Waiting for Wishes Ambassador. 

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