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Anniston in Hawaii

  • Anniston swim with dolphins

  • Anniston on the beach with her family

  • Anniston swims with dolphins

  • Anniston and her family

  • Anniston and a sea turtle

  • Anniston at Sea Life Park

  • Anniston in Hawaii

  • Anniston in Hawaii

“ It was like she didn't even remember her bad days... ”

- Amanda, Anniston's mom

As a child, Anniston loved watching game shows with her grandparents. They would marvel at all of the wonderful resorts and trips that the lucky winners were given.

In her young mind, Anniston began imagining what it would be like to take one of those luxurious trips.

Anniston, 11, was young when she was diagnosed with, Chiari malformation, a congenital  neurological condition that left her in need of many surgeries. Anniston’s family stayed positive through the whole process, but the stress and exhaustion began to wear on their family.

When Anniston she was given the opportunity through Make-A-Wish to have her greatest wish come true, she knew that spending a week with her family in Hawaii was exactly what she wanted to do. 

Volunteers, Sherry Woods and Lynn Carothers, were thrilled to help in any way they could. “When I saw Anniston's name on Wednesday Wishes, I immediately contacted Lynn. I told her we had to volunteer for Anniston!” says Sherry. They jumped into action to help Anniston’s dream become a reality.

Anniston’s week in Hawaii was far better than she could have ever imagined. Everyone in her family had such an amazing time experiencing the culture, trying new foods, and swimming with dolphins.

“It was like she didn't even remember her bad days, she was just so excited about what she was getting to do,” recalls Anniston’s mom, Amanda.

The family had one of the best weeks of their lives on their trip to Hawaii. While Anniston’s fight is not completely over, she carries the memories of her wish with her, and they give her strength and hope to press on

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