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Signature Transportation Services

  • Wish Kid Alexander

  • Wish Kid Anniston with her family

  • Wish Kid Arianna

  • Wish Kid Ayden

  • Wish Kid Cedric

  • Wish Kid Fiona

  • Wish Kid Gytis

  • Wish Kid Ian

  • Wish Kid Jude

  • Wish Kid Kinsey, aka Snow White, and her family

  • Wish Kid Lily (right) and her sister, Annie

  • Wish Kid Megan

Signature Transportation Services

How do you make a wish to go on a trip, to have a shopping spree or to meet a celebrity extra special? You start with a limo ride to and from the airport or shopping center.

For many years, Signature Transportation Services has helped us provide a stylish ride for our wish kids. Signature has discounted limo rides to the tune of over $140,000.  When a child returns from his or her wish, we consistently hear that the limo ride was a major highlight. It’s a great comfort to know that our wish families will arrive safe and happy at their destinations. 

"Signature Transportation is truly blessed to be a part of the Make-A-Wish family," said the company's Pam Johnston.  "Each reservation is special to us and our chauffeurs love the opportunity to meet the wish kids and their families. 

"One chauffeur said, 'I just love seeing the faces of the kids when they walk out and see their limo and chauffeur!  The smiles are just priceless and I know they give us as much  joy as we give them.'

"Another said, 'I love the shopping sprees!  I enjoy being their personal valet and taking each purchase to the car for them and being there at their side as they shop. It’s just a truly special experience to be a part of.'

"We hope to continue to partner with Make-A-Wish for many more years to come and encourage others to give to help these amazing children and their families."

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