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Where Are They Now?: Levi

Casey Anderson and Levi
In October 2015, Levi, who was recovering from cancer, flew to Montana with his family to meet wildlife naturalist and TV personality Casey Anderson. Two years later, Levi answers a few questions about his life as a childhood cancer survivor and how his wish impacts him today.

Tell us about your life now.
I’ve been cancer free for a couple of years now, but I go in for scans every few months. I am currently a freshmen at Austin Peay State University. Battling cancer has pushed me to be a healthier person, and I take fitness very seriously. I also love to be outside and play with my new border collie puppy, Kipper.

How did your wish impact your life when it was granted?
I did not go on my wish trip until a few months after I finished treatment. I was doing well health-wise, but emotionally not so well. Several of my friends had relapsed or recently passed away from cancer. I was feeling low and kind of guilty for doing well when my friends were not. My wish trip to Montana so I could meet Casey Anderson came at the perfect time. I needed a chance to get away. I needed time to laugh and have fun with my family. I needed that chance to not be surrounded by cancer and to breathe the fresh outdoor air.

Does your wish still have an impact today?
I still keep in touch with Casey today. I send him pictures of wildlife, and he tells me about his latest adventure. Since my wish, my family has been out to Montana several more times. It’s like a home away from home! I’ve fallen in love with the state and hope to move there one day.

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