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Moms of Make-A-Wish: Laurel and Tamara

Tamara and Mike Lister, Beth Torres, Wish Kid Jessica, Laurel and Doug Renegar
During the month of May, we're spotlighting #MomsofMakeAWish! We want to acknowledge the special women who care for our wish kids on a daily basis and those who help us grant wishes! We definitely couldn't grant wishes without the generous support of local sponsors.
  • Tamara and Mike Lister, Beth Torres, Wish Kid Jessica, Laurel and Doug Renegar

  • Tamara and Josh's family

  • Tamara Lister and Wish Kid Jessica

  • Birdies, Bogeys & Bones 2016

  • Birdies, Bogeys & Bones 2016

  • With Wish Mom Lindsay

  • Wish Kid Josh and Tamara

Tamara Lister and Laurel Renegar, along with respective husbands Mike and Doug, own Famous Five Dining. They own five Famous Dave's franchises in Middle and East Tennessee. Their annual Birdies, Bogeys and Bones golf tournament has raised more than $500,000 for Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee and Make-A-Wish East Tennessee.

Tamara: When we started our restaurant company, Famous Five Dining, 15 years ago, it was important for us to be sure we could share our blessings with others.  And since we do “family barbecue,” it made sense to see how we could partner with an organization committed to “family.”  Since I had been on founding board of Make-A-Wish® East Tennessee many years ago, I suggested to my partners that being able to provide joy for children and families facing life-threatening illnesses would be my heart.  We all felt the same way.

Laurel: So, fast forward, this is our 15th year of hosting our annual golf tournament, Birdies, Bogeys and Bones–raising funds for Make-A-Wish while raising awareness around our friends, vendor partners and community!  Once we crossed the half-million dollar mark, the four of us looked at each other and said, “Wow!”  Who ever thought a few barbecue joints would be able to help grant wishes for nearly 100 Tennessee kids and their families!  It really is a confirmation that when we work together….it goes a long way.

Tamara: The added bonus we didn’t see coming is the pride our restaurant teams feel in our contributions.  Between the golf tournament, selling stars around Christmas, and hosting wish parties along the way, most of our folks have had the opportunity to volunteer their time and hearts for Make a Wish too!  And this is where the “Mother’s Day” piece comes in for Laurel and me.  While we wear the “owner” hats of our company, we often feel like the “moms” of our company too.  We wear these hats proudly, hoping and trusting that we act as good role models for our teams and provide them the opportunity not just to make a living for themselves and possibly their families, but we also hope they will find the same joy we do in sharing with others.

Laurel: Make-A-Wish is part of who we are as leaders and as moms. We’re blessed to be part of the Make-A-Wish family! 

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