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Emily Gray

Meet Emily

Get to know our communications manager, Emily.

Emily (left) with Wish Kid Arianna and Grace

Emily (left) with Wish Kid Arianna and Grace

How long have you been involved with Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee?

 I’ve been with Make-A-Wish since 2014. 


What is your job? What do you do at Make-A-Wish?

My title is communications manager, but I like to say I’m the Make-A-Wish storyteller. Whether it’s through social media, our website, news stories or face-to-face conversations, I love talking about the life-changing wishes we create and all of the volunteers, donors and referral sources who make it happen!


What is your favorite wish story?

I loved Drake’s wish to have a “tacos & country music” party. He just wanted to have his family and friends together to enjoy his favorite things—tacos, country music. His wish coordinator was able to incorporate lots of his favorite things—Minions, a drumline, Christmas—in order to make it a  really special experience. His mom says he still talks about his party. 

I also loved Gytis' wish to deliver toys to the Lithuanian orphanage from which he was adopted. He was so thoughtful and intentional about the toys he selected. On top of his generosity and heart for the kids in the orphanage, there was also something really beautiful about his yearning to visit his roots, learn more about from where he came and to show his family his homeland. 


If you could have one wish, what would it be?

I would wish to have a personal driver because Nashville traffic is getting CRAZY!

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