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Chapter History and Awards

History and Awards

April 1980:
First wish was granted in Phoenix, AZ, that inspired the creation of Make-A-Wish®. Chris wanted to be a policeman for the day.

April 1984:
A Regional Office opened in April 1984.  It oversees wish fulfillment and fund raising activities in five counties.

October 1985:
Make-A-Wish grants its 100th wish. Richard, a four-year-old wanted to visit Walt Disney World®.

May 1988:
Kids for Wish Kids®, a fundraising program for school age children, began with events at Crafton Elementary School. Students and parents raised $2,000. Today, more than 300 schools participate in Kids for Wish Kids and Wishmakers on Campus® programs each year.

June 1989:
The 500th wish is granted. Megan is a 10-year-old who met President George H. W. Bush.

March 1990:
Make-A-Wish opens another Regional Office to oversee wish fulfillment and fundraising activities in seven counties.

December 1991:
A new Make-A-Wish office oversees wish fulfillment and fundraising activities in twenty-one counties.

January 1992:
The 1,000th wish is fulfilled. Teddy, a barrel racing enthusiast asks for board and equipment for his horse.

September 1992:
A new Make-A-Wish office opens to oversee wish fulfillment and fundraising activities in eight counties.


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Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee chapter was founded

Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee grants 500th wish

Chapter Excellence Award

Outstanding Fundraising Performance Award

Outstanding Performance Achievement Award

Outstanding Fundraising Performance Award

Outstanding Mission Performance Award  
Outstanding Fundraising Performance Award

Outstanding Mission Performance Award
Outstanding Fundraising Performance Award

Infinite Wish Award
Outstanding Mission Performance Award 
Outstanding Fundraising Performance Award


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