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We depend on people like you

Do you have a few hours each week? Maybe a few days each week? Then you can help bring the rejuvenation of wish experiences to kids with life-threatening medical conditions. You can join a network of more than 28,000 caring people nationwide who make it possible for Make-A-Wish kids to live their one true wish.

We depend on people like you!

We match volunteers to positions based on ability, interests and availability. Consider your goals, skills and purpose when you volunteer for the opportunity that best suits you. Note: Many volunteer positions require a background check plus ongoing training.

Volunteer Roles

Airport Greeter  –  Airport greeters meet and welcome wish families at the airport, assist arriving wish families with baggage and locate their rental car, or help departing wish families with check in and security. These volunteers help ease any concerns the wish family has about navigating the airport and airline travel by making them feel comfortable as they begin their wish experience. 

Fundraising – Fundraising volunteers assist the development team in seeking in-kind donations and/or sponsorship proposals, collaborating to build partnerships with local companies, conducting research on local companies’ giving campaigns, organizing a frequent flier donation campaign, selling paper Make-A-Wish stars, or planning/organizing an external event for Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee. 

Medical Outreach – Medical outreach volunteers may represent Make-A-Wish at health fairs, community events, walks, etc. that are geared specifically to the medical community or a disease specific population.  These volunteers will be well versed on the medical eligibility requirements and will be comfortable relaying this information to potential referral sources and/or families.  Through these efforts medical outreach volunteers will aim to clarify misconceptions regarding our mission and spread awareness about our program; therefore, increasing the number of eligible referrals to Make-A-Wish. 

Special Events – Special events volunteers assist in planning, organizing, and implementing successful fundraising events by working on event committees, helping out on the event day, and/or participating in the event.  

Translator/Interpreter – Translator or interpreter volunteers help facilitate wish experiences for non-English-speaking families. Translators have the option of becoming fully-trained wish granting volunteers, or they can provide short-term support on an as-needed basis.  

Wish Phone Greeter – Wish phone greeters act as a friendly and knowledgeable voice for the wish children and families visiting our chapter from another state or even country!  Phone greeters check in with visiting wish families, review itineraries and answer any questions that the wish family may have during the wish trip. Additionally, phone greeters will assist in post-wish follow up to ensure our families had the best experience. 

Wish Granting – As a member of a wish team, wish granters meet with the family, help the wish child determine the wish and act as a liaison between Make-A-Wish staff and the wish family during the wish process.  Wish granters must be a minimum of 18 years old. Attendance at an in-depth training session is required.

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 For more questions, contact Val Haines at (615) 221-2200, ext.117 or

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  • Every year, Hilton donates 25 million points to help grant travel wishes, like 11-year-old Ben’s wish to go to Australia. Since 2011, Hilton’s financial and in-kind support has helped grant more than 175 life-changing wishes. Thank you, Hilton!
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